09 Mar Appointment of Fr. Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves as General Counsellor

Dear Father,

The Peace of Christ!

After having followed the procedure indicated by our legislation for the appointment of a General Counsellor, outside the time of a General Congregation, who will not be Assistant ad providentiam or a Regional Assistant (NC 381 § 3), Father General has decided to appoint General Counsellor Father Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves.

Recently appointed Father General’s Delegate for the Interprovincial Houses and Works of Rome, Fr. Juan Antonio Guerrero commenced this mission on March 9. On the same date, he also began his service as General Counsellor.

In recommending the Society to your prayer, I assure you of my availability at your service.

Fraternally in the Lord,

Antoine Kerhuel, S.I. Secretary of the Society

Rome, 9 March 2017


Link to the official announcement: Fr. Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves Counsellor