Dear Benefactors and Friends,

St Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Society of Jesus, author of the Spiritual Exercises, is also founder of the Roman College (1551), the first Jesuit university. Known today as the Pontifical Gregorian University in honor of patron Pope Gregory XIII the Greg, as it is affectionately known, grants all levels of degrees from baccalaureate to licentiate and doctorate.


To continue building the universal Church, Pope Pius X in 1909 and Pope Benedict XV in 1917, broaden the Church’s service to the world by establishing specialized institutes for advanced learning. The Pontifical Biblical Institute offers the highest level of Bible study in the world and grants the degrees of licentiate and doctorate. The Pontifical Oriental Institute, unique in the world of the study of Eastern Christianity, promotes dialogue between the churches of the East and the West with both Catholic and Orthodox faithful.


From the beginning, the Society of Jesus has been entrusted with these three institutions located at the center of Rome. Collectively, the Gregorian Consortium provides an invaluable service to the Church. Each of the three draws students from over 150 countries and has formed men and women to bring their critical thinking skills from the locus of Catholicism to the world through teaching and other positions of leadership.


St Ignatius believed that the more universal the mission, the greater the good. The Gregorian Consortium, in service to the universal Church, has formed world-renown scholars to “Clear the way for the Lord in the wilderness; [to] make smooth in the desert a highway for our God” (Is 40:3). Counted among our alumni are saints, popes, bishops, the blessed, holy men and women.


Become a patron—help us build the Church. If you are already a benefactor, my sincere thanks. If you wish to become a donor, we have registered charities in the United States, Canada and Italy. Join the company of St Ignatius Loyola, Pope Francis and the many faithful over the centuries who together have boldly proclaimed Jesus to the world.

In the Lord,

Alan J. Fogarty, SJ